Her professional development with famous figures in “baile flamenco”, her empathy, her versatility, her candor and her ability to pass on the passion for flamenco, make Irene La Sentío one of the most in demand “bailaoras” to teach people at different levels in festivals and dance schools both nationally and internationally.

Not only is she thorough in teaching choreographies but she is also great at explaining every flamenco style. Irene is able to work individually with each one of her students to allow them to develop skills and enable them to face every situation when it comes to dancing; she explains the reason behind every step, the codes that regulate this art and uses personal anecdotes and ways around a step that make the learning experience easier and enjoyable.

Irene’s courses are dynamic and not only do they focus on the flamenco technique but they are made to teach students other aspects of this dance, such as coordination, sense of “compás”, musical ear and body expressiveness.

Irene teaches regularly in places such as Zona Arte della Plaza del Pelícano, Flamencos por el mundo o “Escuela de flamenco Ángel Atienza” (in Seville), but she also gives both private and group lessons for tourists and other groups at a variety of events.


On top of the availability of live classes, Irene has developed an ONLINE teaching system which gives the students the chance to learn according to their own needs and capabilities.
There are two options below described:

Option 1

• Access the online platform in order to download all the videos which make up a whole choreography. The choreography is explained from start to finish divided in bitesized chunks, at different speeds and with the compás.

• Option to download only certain technique exercises or some parts of the choreography (for example only the letras, the escobilla or the patás por bulerías).

• Personalised and tailored responses for clarifying any steps and answering any questions (videos or audio files via WhatsApp).

• Rhythmic audio files with metronome at different speeds for studying the steps correctly.

• Audio references about the cantes and toques related to the palo flamenco that are being studied.

A whole choreography “por soleá” is already available for an intermediate-advanced level.

Option 2

• Individual or group live classes in streaming, which can be adapted to your needs and time (video calls via Zoom or Skype).

For further information about this option, prices, other “palos” proposals and if you have any queries, please contact us.

Irene La Sentío. Clases de Baile Flamenco Online.

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