Cuidarte con Arte Japan

Cuidarte con Arte Japan

“Cuidarte con Arte” is a series of virtual flamenco classes which has already be tried and tested; it has an excellent reputation and outstanding reviews from students all over the globe.

Get to know Flamenco culture

It offers high quality course content that allows you to learn the more traditional style of flamenco. Throughout the course, you will explore the techniques and folklore around this art, as well as expand your understanding of flamenco culture and of the most authentic synergy between ‘cante’, dance and music. This is something unique to this course.

Learn from pros

Irene “La Sentío”, founder of ‘Cuidarte con Arte’ and internationally well-known dancer, and Alba Pastor, professional dancer living in Japan and manager of ‘Alba Pastor Flamenco Studio’ in Chiba (Tokio), join their expertise in a collaboration which brings ‘Cuidarte con Arte’ to Japan.

New method

With ‘Cuidarte con Arte Japan’ we are pioneers in offering classes adapted to the Japanese public, which give the students all the tools they need to understand flamenco and master its codes.

Flamenco as a philosophy of life

Furthermore, we offer specific classes to Japanese women who wish to learn flamenco and use this dance to feel more feminine, free and comfortable with their bodies.

We can help you to make flamenco your own language and philosophy of life.

Welcome to ‘CUIDARTE CON ARTE Japan’!

Further information

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