Live Flamenco Dance Classes | Private and groups

Live Flamenco Dance Classes

Private Classes

During our private online classes you’ll be able to work on the palo you are most interested in. You may also choose to focus on improving your technique or to clarify any doubts you may have.

You can choose the online platform you prefer: Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Book in a day and time with me and start learning from anywhere in the world!

Group classes via Zoom

Online classes may vary every month. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive all the news. Click here: info@irenelasentio.com

We are currently offering the following live classes:


Technique class focuses not only on the different footwork techniques but also on the collocation of the body and on the coordination of both. We work different material with turns, 'marcajes' and flamenco attitude.

(On demand video available)


Every Sunday we dance and analyze the specifics of one 'palo flamenco' and we learn how to dance according to the 'cante' and how to control the structure of our the dance.

The 'palo' can change every Sunday or every month. For further information, contact info@irenelasentio.com


Past online Masterclasses are still available. Enjoy them whenever and wherever you are! Each class has a duration of one hour and a half.

You can choose among the following palos flamencos:

• Taller por 'Bulería por Soleá' (4 vídeos)
• Taller por 'Seguirilla' (4 vídeos)
• Taller por 'Taranto' (4 vídeos)
• Masterclass 'Guajira'
• Masterclass 'Serrana'
• Masterclass 'Zambra' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Tapao por Tangos'
• Masterclass 'Tangos de la Repompa'
• Masterclass 'Tangos de Málaga'
• Masterclass 'Tangos del Titi'
• Masterclass 'Escobilla por Alegrías'
• Masterclass 'Letra por Taranto' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Llamada por Tientos'
• Masterclass 'Letra por Tientos'
• Masterclass 'Caña' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Letra por Soleá' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Escobilla por Soleá' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Soniquete por Bulerías'
• Masterclass 'Bulería arromanzada' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Falsetas por bulerías'
• Masterclass 'Técnica y variaciones por bulerías'
• Masterclass 'Escobilla por bulerías'
• Masterclass 'Patás por bulerías' (2 videos)
• Masterclass 'Fin de fiesta por Bulerías'
• Masterclass 'Bulerías de Cádiz'
• Masterclass 'Tapao por Bulerías'
• Masterclass 'Alboreá'

What do the students say about “Cuidarte con arte”?

Clases online de flamenco

Léa C. - France

“Irene is a teacher with a great pedagogic approach and her online classes are very comprehensive. She adapts to all levels, she explains everything (the dance, the singing…) and she encourages you to improve yourself. Even if the class is online, Irene takes her time in order to provide individual feedback. Irene’s classes are very pleasant and we all thoroughly enjoy them!”

Sara S. - Italy

“This is a precious chance to study flamenco in a continuous way and to go in depth about the language of flamenco. Irene is a very thorough teacher, who transmits her style
without imposing it, she adapts it to the needs and peculiarities of her student. Her classes are well structured and at the end of each class she sends the recording of the material so that we can go through it again with a very good audio and video focus.”

Serena S. - France

“During the lockdown I took Irene’s bulerías online classes. Honestly, that was the happiest time of the day! There was such a good energy!!! The idea of doing a class por bulerías without shows was excellent, because I couldn’t wear flamenco shoes in my flat. I learned a lot of steps, but most of all I learnt how to use them according to the “cante”. This was the most important thing I personally got out of it. Irene has an excellent way of teaching and a lot of patience. I really recommend her classes to everybody!!!”

Sybille Hofmann-Märklin/ LA SOLEÁ - Zentrum für Flamencokunst/ Freiburg/ Germany

"Irene’s online classes have been a real gift to me and I feel very lucky to have found her!
As a person and as a teacher she’s been a revelation from the very first time we talked: she transmits love, she shares her knowledge with generosity, she has a good sense of humour and she’s so dedicated to each one of the students, who she looks after carefully and with love…It’s been amazing!"

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