Online classes

Online Flamenco Dance Classes

"A cuidarte con arte"

“A CUIDARTE CON ARTE” is a series of online classes that gives you the chance to learn and enjoy flamenco based on your interests and needs.

There are two different options to choose from and each of these offer a distinct way of learning.

Pick the one you prefer and make the most of your rehearsal time.

  • Video download method

  • Study wherever and whenever you want!
  • Videos of whole choreographies
  • Online tutorial (optional)
  • Rythmic audios at different speeds
  • Audio material about the singing and the guitar
  • Live classes

  • Learn in an interactive way vía Skype or Zoom!
  • Private classes
  • Choose the day and time you prefer
  • Group classes (Tangos and Bulerías)
  • Audiovisual material

What do the students say about “A cuidarte con arte”?

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Noriko S. - Japón

“I was so excited to find out Irene is giving clases online, that I can take her lessons even I’m not in Sevilla!! The videos are well organized, that you can repeat over and over until you get it right. And she explains each step in details, from one angle to another, plus some tips to make meaningful movements. Just love watching her movements 😊”

Léa C. - Francia

“Irene is a teacher with a lot of pedagogy and her online classes are very complete. She adapts to all levels, she explains everything (the dance, the singing…) and she incites you to improve yourself. Even if the class is online Irene takes her time in order to make individualized corrections. Furthermore, Irene’s classes are very pleasant and we all enjoy them a lot!”

Sybille Hofmann-Märklin/ LA SOLEÁ - Zentrum für Flamencokunst/ Freiburg/ Alemania

"Irene’s online classes have been a real gift to me and I feel very lucky to have found her!
As a person and as a teacher she’s been a revelation from the very first moment: she transmits love, she shares her knowledge with generosity, she has a good sense of humor and she’s so dedicated to each one of the students that she looks carefully and with love…this is extraordinary!"

Christin O. - Alemania

At first I thought that learning a choreography by videos would be boring. But that’s not true! The links to the `letras´and the extra audio material that she sends help a lot in studying the Soleá. When I place myself in front of the screen I feel like I was in a real lesson!”

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