La leyenda de Camarón de la Isla (with Jaco Abel)

This is a musical tribute to one of the greatest flamenco singers of all times, Camarón de la Isla, and it uses ‘La leyenda del tiempo’ as a starting point.

El llanto se mueve (with Jairo Barrull)

In this show, Irene la Sentío together with the “bailaor” Jairo Barrull, claim back the primitive and instinctive “baile”.

Enjundia Flamenca (with Sergio Aranda)

In this show, Irene La Sentío collaborates with Sergio Aranda to create a project where all the “bailaores” go back to their own childhood.

Flamenco Seduction (with Miriam Méndez)

In ‘Flamenco Seduction’, La Sentío’s baile, depth and sensuality blend in with the rhythms of the pianist Miriam Méndez in order to grab the attention of the audience.

Bailando la vida (with El Mistela)

This show reflects on all the moments where “Life” meets “the Dance”. It is a journey through the story of a “bailaor” in a context where the singing and the dancing express themselves in the purest way.

Sevilla, al aire (with Óscar de los Reyes)

“Sevilla al aire” is a tribute to the history of Seville, done through the guitar, the dancing and the singing. A journey through the characteristic neighbourhoods of the city and various flamenco styles.


This show is the proof that flamenco does not need to be too elaborate when it emits honesty.

De mi faldiquera

This is the first solo show that the flamenco dancer put together. She expresses her natural way of living and feeling this dance; like a challenge, a research of the self.

Flamenconcierto (with Farruco)

El flamenco is duende, emotion, magic, suffering, happiness, control, strength, art and a whole universe of feelings that emerge when watching a vibrant show that touches your soul.

Baile Flamenco (with Farruquito)

Both the critics and the public consider this as one of the best shows Farruquito has ever put together. This experience allows Irene to learn the purest type of flamenco

Sonerías (with Farruquito)

‘Sonerías’ is about a trip to Havana. A journey through its culture and its musicality as well as a research of common territories.

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