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Video download method

Learn to dance Flamenco wherever and whenever you want

This method consists of learning of a whole choreography, which is explained step by step, at different speeds and with the compás. The videos are shot from different angles, so that you get comprehensive view of what each step should look like. This option includes a detailed explanation of the compás and the body movements.

Available material

  • Baile completo por 'Soleá'
  • Baile completo por 'Alegrías'
  • Pack of 10 technique exercises + 10 tips to rehearsal on your own (beginner-intermediate level)
  • Pack of 10 technique exercises + 10 tips to rehearsal on your own (intermediate-advanced level)
  • You can also request a personalized choreography or musical theme for you

What will you receive?

• All the videos which make up the whole choreography, where you can find the explanation at different speeds and with the compás.

• You can download only the part of the choreography you are interested in (for example letras, escobilla o patás por bulerías).

• Click tracks - audio tracks of a metronome recorded at different speeds to improve your rhythm.

Direct contact with the teacher

If you choose the option of downloading the videos with the online tutorial, you’ll have the chance to contact me directly in order to ask any questions you might have about the choreography. You will also be able to send me videos of your rehearsals in order to get constructive feedback.

You will also be able to send me videos of your rehearsals, by Whatsapp or email, in order to get constructive feedback.

More information

For further information about prices for each option, please...

Contact me

What do the students say about “Cuidarte con arte”?

Clases de Baile Flamenco Online . Irene La Sentío - Método Download de vídeos - Curso online de baile flamenco - Lecciones online de flamenco

Noriko S. - Japan

“I was so excited to find out Irene is giving online classes and that I can take her lessons even if I’m not in Sevilla!! The videos are well organized, you can watch each one over and over until you get the choreography right. She explains each step in detail, from multiple angles and gives some tips to make meaningful movements. Just love watching her movements 😊”

Yulia K. - Russia

“This course is very well organised, with a good learning method, which enables you to learn the whole choreography on your own, without the teacher but with very clear explanations of each part of the choreography. Thanks to the online tutor option, I received useful feedback about my rehearsal videos, which has helped me a lot in improving different aspects of my dance.”

Sabine - Germamy

"One thing that I really appreciate is that Irene sings the `letra´ so that you can recognise when you have to do the `remate´. This course is like a treasure to me and I hope Irene will offer more of these online courses. If you can’t go out of the house or if you live outside of Spain, this is an unbelievable chance!”

Christin O. - Germany

"At first, I thought that learning a choreography through videos would be boring. But that’s not true! The links to the `letras´ and the extra audio material that Irene sends helped me a lot in studying the Soleá. When I place myself in front of the screen, I feel like I was in a live lesson!”

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